Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday my sweet girl!!

Dear Adalei Rose,

This weekend you turned 2!!  Your beautiful, spunky, life giving, full of JOY spirit has blessed us for 2 full years now!  I am still in awe that God gave us you!
We woke up on your birthday morning singing you happy birthday.  It's been your theme song all week and you sing it at least a dozen times a day, it's music to our ears.  Just this morning, when I heard you stir in your crib, the first words that came out of your mouth were, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Adddy, Happy Birthday to you!"  To say you were excited to celebrate your birthday, open presents and blow out your candles on your cupcake, would be an understatement!!   
I put you in your beautiful birthday outfit that your sister wore 2 years ago and we were off to church!  Of course, I had to snap some pictures of you before jumping in the car to capture this special day. 
You were born with a smile on your face, it shines wherever you are!!  You are always so full of life, being silly, giggling, snuggling, playing with your brother and sister, wresting with Daddy, splashing in the tub, I could go on forever....Life is a party and you are living it to the fullest!! 
We call you our little monkey.  You are always hanging on us and goofing around, singing, dancing and being silly.  We should really call you a parrot because you repeat everything we say...every.single.word.  As 21 months blended into 22, you were fully talking saying 7-8 word sentences.  We lost count of the words you could say, it happened so quickly.  Now, you can say anything,  but your favorite words in the past couple weeks are definitely, "Look Mommy Look!!" and "I DO IT!!! I DO IT DO IT DO IT!"  :-)
You are doing it all yourself now, getting on your clothes, your shoes, getting out of the car, closing the door, preparing food, you name it! You want it and you want to do it all yourself.  This is a very new stage and although it can be painful to watch as you struggle to master new things, the excitement on your face when you actually "do it!" is priceless!
With all this independence, I sure am glad that you cuddle like a champ!  You love to be in my arms and your bedtime ritual is so sweet that the hardest part of my day involves laying you in your crib and saying goodnight.   We read and you know most of the words now.  We sing and you can say all almost all the words in the songs, we say our ABC's and you know it by heart, , we play patty cake and peek a boo, I wrap you in blankets, tuck you in and we fight over who can say, "I love you" the loudest as I creep out of the room.  You go to bed with a smile on your face with several (at least 4 or 5) lovies and stuffed animals and blankets wrapped all around you.   You are a dream. 

Adalei Rose, we are so thankful for you and your sweet spirit.  You are a complete JOY and I am sure that God has amazing things planned for you!!

We love you so...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunflower fields forever!

The sunflower fields have definitely become a tradition! Last year, we took Adalei to get her 1st year pic!  And this year, we all jumped in! I'm so glad we did! I love how they turned out! And I'm so thankful to my friend who took some of the pics with her good camera! What a great start to the fall!! Oh and Braden learned how to ride his bike today! Kind of a big deal around here, we are celebrating and enjoying this beautiful weekend!! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our last summer adventure

We usually reserve Youngs dairy for fall, but we decided to venture out there and end the summer strong!!

We introduced our sweet friends to This favorite place!  
Filled with wagon rides
And yummy ice cream
And smiles
And lots of
Animals to feed and pet

These 4   #bestfriends

Best part (or worst part) of trip, the corn maze! Gretchen was brave and took all the kids herself while I played with adalei...
It became a panicky situation when we realized the corn maze was an hour long and It was over 90 degrees, and they ran out of water and her cell phone was just about out of battery!! Soo glad she was in there and not me!!! 

Thankfully they made their way out and the kids had a blast, glad they didn't know how stressed we were!! :-)

We'll try that again when we come back in the fall!!  Fall goodness is right around the corner and we are making our bucket list this weekend!! It keeps us focused on savoring the season!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lots of updates!

First!!  Little Harper Joy is making progress!!  She definitely needs continued prayers for her kidneys but she is showing signs of progress which is amazing!  Please continue to join me in praying for this sweet baby!

Today is Sept. 1st and I feel like my life looks soooo different from summer it's crazy!  Our days were packed full of splash parks and sandboxes and I dearly miss carrying in my sleeping children from the car as they fell asleep from all the sun and running around.  I know it sounds strange, but every time I picked up their sweaty bodies covered in sunblock and sand, I thanked the Lord for all the fun we were having and treasured the moment of having my babies in my arms, their sweet heads resting on my shoulder.  Loved those summer days!!

Now I"m totally focused on homework, buying school shoes, early bedtimes (7:30 tonight woo hoo!) and packing lunches. 

Buying our first lunch box was a BIG deal in this house.  You can't see it from the pic, but he went with Pokemon.    I bought as many fun things for school lunches that I could think of while still trying to be super healthy!
Like, super healthy!   
I haven't blogged about it yet, but right after I had Adalei and was on my maternity leave, I started following 100 days of Real Food.  It changed my life.  Almost ALL of the food changed in our home over the last 2 years and we still have so many goals to reach!  We try to eat as many "whole foods" as we can and it's been a fun process.  Their first cook book just came out and I am already obsessed with reading it!  Can't wait to try all the new recipes!

And of course, my fav. part of making school lunches is the note in the lunchbox.  Braden sees me writing it and already starts thanking me.  Now that he can read pretty much anything, it's really fun to write him notes.  I'm sure by the end of the year I"ll just be happy that I remember to send food to school in general but right now we're in the sweet spot!
It's been raining all weekend, so we moved our picnic lunch under the fort because why not!??
Daddy is officially done with his big work project, woo hoo!  But, we still have not seen him much this weekend because he's been buried under pillows trying to recuperate from the last crazy 6 weeks!
We had a fabulous birthday party this weekend celebrating 2 little girls who I love dearly!
And can you believe, Anna and Elsa showed up to sing and dance and play games!??
The photo shoot was a big hit!
She's always ready to smile!

And I couldn't resist making him go up for a pic!
Braden on the other hand, we had to drag! He hated it!

Last week flew by so quickly that I did not get to post Braden's first day of school!  His first day was my first day so we got ready together!
FIRST day of Kindergarten, HE is going to have a fantastic year!!!

Here are some of the finished pics of my classroom, I LOVE it!

And my students are doing so well.  Last week, we only had 1/3 of our class each day, so tomorrow will be my first day with all 22 of my little ones together!

And I love even more having this little bug next door to me!  Like, literally connecting rooms, so fun!
This year will surely be an adventure I can already tell!  Really excited about it!  :-)