Saturday, November 22, 2014

Over here

 We are celebrating the fact that little miss Harper JOY is going home very soon!  I posted a couple months ago about my friend's baby who was born at 25 weeks.  Awhile back she had a serious infection and her kidneys were failing...the doctors said that she needed a miracle to survive.  A few of us drove to the NICU to pray over this sweet baby and her parents.  I'll never forget that visit and how we prayed for God to heal this baby.  We are so beyond thankful that our prayers were answered.  Harper, I can't wait to hold you soon!
One of the AMAZING blessings of working part time is spending time with friends.  My children are really bonding with some of my friends kids and I love that we get to raise our kiddos together.  It's simply the best!
Playing frisbee with his buddy!
Silly kiddos!
Playing in the snow and Yes, Braden is in shorts...we were on the way to B-ball!
Best B-ball Buddies!
We had our first snowfall of the year and it gave us a SNOWDAY!  And to make it better, it fell on a day that I worked, and to make it even better, Adalei was very sick so I got to stay home and cuddle her all day! Bonus after Bonus!

They put on their snow gear at 7am before Reese got on the bus (her school did not close). 

And this is what we did all day.  She felt miserable and wanted to stay in my arms ALL day, but was still filled with smiles and giggles.  
We headed to the doc. and found out she had a sinus infection, ear infection, and pink eye!  Poor thing, no wonder she was miserable!  She's been on meds for a few days now and is totally back to herself!
I am in the middle of 4 amazing books although I have barely have time to read.  I try to sneak in a few min. at nap time and before bed.  Our bible study just finished A Loving Life and it was a fabulous book!  I am determined to read Unbroken before Christmas since the movie comes out Christmas Day.  I love reading the book before seeing the movie (even though it kinda ruins the movie since the book is always better!) We've been making some recipes from this new cook book.  I LOVE 100 days of real food and hope to try several more recipes from this book!  And lastly, this parenting book is helping me tremendously.  Ok, I've only read one chapter BUT I've already hung on to some of the words and they have changed my life!  Parenting has been a bit challenging lately with my middle one but we are learning what works and what not to do to keep our sweet little girl Happy! :-)
Braden rocked the lego building content at the library.  He worked on his creation with his Daddy told the judges all about his water treatment filtration system.  Brad might have influenced him! :-)  Braden didn't win but it was a great experience for him!

And it's always more fun to do things with friends. 
We are signed up for story time every Friday morning when I am home.  This is the first thing that I have done specially for "Adalei."  She simply loves it and sings the songs from library time all the time around the house.  It's adorable!
Her big sis gets to join us and her favorite part is checking out books!  She got her very own library card and loves scanning books like it's her job! 
Happy little shopper!  She likes to show me how big she is and hang on the cart like her big brother does. 
Sometimes you just have to stop and play with the toilet paper.  They built forts and played hide and go seek, we were prob. in this aisle for 20 min. and thankfully I had no where else to be.  Once we put it all away, we were missing a shoe (can you tell whose!) and had to move all the T.P. again to find it! 
If only they could still this little forever!
I only have one more day of teaching until December!  It's crazy to me how quickly this year is going! 
And it's also crazy that all of my Kindergarteners have their very own iPads.  I LOVE the program they use.  Braden is able to get a lot of enrichment, so even though he is in Kindergarten, all of his iPad quests are 2nd grade.  He is learning sooo much this year!
Snaphot of family pictures. We went with this awesome family to do our pics together. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!! 
Hope it is filled with lots of laughter, love and cherished time together with your loved ones!

Friday, November 21, 2014

A special day for a very special little girl

I would title yesterday "Pamper Reese day!"

It started with grandparents day at school (Mimi- you were missed!)
Then, off to visit Braden at his school for a special lunch!
Next stop was the mall for play time with a puppy.., she fell in love with this labradoodle 
Train rides and visit with Santa 
She loves her pink sparkly nails
And we ended it by going to Build a Bear!  
She chose an Elsa bear of course!
Bath time 

She loves her new bear, it even sings Let it Go! It's a little over the top but pretty perfect in every way! :-)
Reese, I hope you enjoyed your special day! It was filled with so much fun and I loved watching you smile!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brad's Work

 An article was recently published in the Dayton Business Journal about Brad's Work Project...the one that he lived and breathed 24/7 for 6 weeks straight this past summer.  It was crazy grueling but really incredible what his team accomplished!  My hubby always amazes me with what he pulls off....

Click Here! to see his project that he led. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Sunday Recap!

I love sitting down on Sunday nights and looking through my pics from the week.  Instagram has surely replaced my frequent blog posts, but it's nice to revisit all of the memories from the week and see all of the sweet times we shared. 

And this is especially important for me today because it was a tough day for me and one of the kiddos, quite possibly the middle one... :-)

Let's just say it was a rough morning so I don't have to relive it!  But, God is giving me patience and teachable moments and those "Only God could know" moments. 

One of those moments happened just as we were walking into a Pretty Princess B-day Party for little Miss Keirsten Riley!  She turns 4 tomorrow!  When Reese realized (during the drive) that we were going to a birthday party and that she wasn't wearing a fancy dress for the special occasion, she just about lost her mind.  Lots of tears followed...  I apologized profusely for my error (what was I thinking!)  and assured her that we could ask Keristen if we could borrow a dress once we arrived, but didn't know for sure since the party was at her Grandparent's house.

As we were greeted at the door, the first words out of Anna's mouth were, "Hi, are you ready to dress like a Princess?  Follow me!"!!
It was Such a fun birthday party, here the kiddos are decorating cookies. 
And coloring princesses.  Every little detail was just perfect!
Another highlight of our weekend was the Chili Cook-off!
With tons of old friends to talk to and babies to hold, there was not much picture taking at all. 
But, can you guess who WON the Chili cook off and who did not!? :-)
Go Gretchen!!
Kim was so brave to plan a craft for the kids that involved paint!  Here are about 1/2 of the kids, not even kidding.  And to think, we all used to have House Church together every week.  The kids wrote on a leaf what they were thankful for and decorated it.  They loved the shaving cream and paint swirl design, such a mess but worth the fun!
I made some unhealthy mac and cheese for the Chili Cook off, this was especially for Braden.  We are eating a little (lot) healthy in our house, so I thought I'd be crazy for a moment and make something with lots of cheese, butter and heavy whipping cream!  He couldn't stop saying that it was the best mac and cheese I've ever made! It made his night and I'm glad because we'll be back to whole wheat noodles soon!
My popcorn always seems to be requested, always a hit and so easy to make! 
We had some friends come over and play with us so that Miss Lindsay could take a much needed break this weekend for a few hours.  Having 6 kids in my house for the afternoon was just as crazy as this picture looked!
Every inch of my house looked like this book corner, but just look at how sweet they are.
We sure enjoyed our play date!
Reese is begging me for gymnastics again now that her soccer is over.  I promised her she can go back once Braden ends his basketball season.  I know that many experienced moms have lots of sports going on at once, but I'm still in the "taking turn" phase and we're trying so hard not to book up every single night with some type of sporting event!    We took Thur. morning to go to an Open Gym and she loved this!
esp. jumping in the foam pit! Best part!

No reason for these pics, just my life.  I think they are cute!

Friday morning, I had ALL 3 kids at home since the schools were closed for conferences, so we went to Skyzone!  I am pretty positive Braden will be having his next B-day party here. It's fantastic!

After we wore the children out at Skyzone, we went to Gretchen's for a playdate.
In my mind, I pictured (dreamed of) the older kids playing quietly in "other" parts of the house while Adalei napped for 3 hours and Gretchen and I just sat in the kitchen and talked for hours on end and baked a cherry pie together.  My vision was pretty much exactly what happened.   I'm still a little shocked by it myself, but there was not one complaint, and not a single boo-boo.   In fact, we even had to wake up Adalei after 3 hours because she was still sound asleep. It was a gift or a miracle or something, I was surely thankful!

And the cherry pie part?  There's nothing like baking a pie with a best friend while catching up on life. 

Our little taste testers gave it 2 thumbs up!
Sweet memories in the making!