Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jason Mraz

My brother treated me to an amazing concert! We could have sat there all night listening to such talented musicians!

It's not often that I drive to Columbus in the middle of the week to go to a concert til 1:00am! But it was well worth it! Thanks Dave, you're the best!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

As far as grandparents go...

Ours ROCK in the awesome dept!!!

With daddy out of town this week, braden was missing donuts with dads this morning... So Papa drove 4 hours here last night just to attend the event this morning at 6:45, then headed back home at 7:30am. 

Wow! We are so blessed!! Thanks Papa for making this little boy so happy this morning!! It meant the world to him!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great wolf lodge!

All summer long, while Brad was working his long hard hours, I kept thinking about what our family could do together to celebrate the completion of his project! 

Great Wolf Lodge seemed like the perfect fit! 

We picked a weekend, invited some amazing friends to join us and soon we were off!

I think my hubby was just as excited as the kids!
Can't you tell!? :-)

Cutest little bear cub!
This is what the water park looked like inside!
Adalei is exploring the wave pool!
She definitely found her groove!
Reese loved the water slides the most!

At night, there was a story time for all the kids...

The next day, we were back to the water park! Braden's favorite part was this rope course. 
I was honestly surprised he could do it because I am not sure that I can, but he did it many, many times in a row and was definitely a pro!
He turned around at the end to wave hello, I think this rope course really boosted his confidence!
Lounging around waiting for lunch!
The kiddos had 2 fun filled days at the water park and were definitely ready to leave at the end.  It didn't take long for all of them to crash in the car. 
Even after bringing them inside, it took quite some time to wake them up!  I guess swimming fun does that to you! 

So thankful for a fabulous weekend of making memories with friends!

Friday, October 10, 2014

With all this crazy weather we have seen some gorgeous rainbows this week!

We found another one but it came and went in seconds!
So glad I was with my kiddos to catch these treasures in the sky!  These little moments are the big moments in life!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


We had a FULL weekend with lots of family in town for our annual Clambake!
We enjoyed snuggling up with Grandparents and Uncles in our home!
And prepping lots of food! Papa Bob husked around 40 ears of corn, good thing he had lots of little helpers!
The food is always delish thanks to all those who prepare it and my hubby for all his grilling!

And thankfully the weather really cooled down for us so we could put on hoodies, drink hot cocoa and gather around a fire!
Pumpkin carving for the adults and kiddos was pretty fun!
And everyone seemed to have a good time!
Hope everyone else had a fun weekend as well!
We sure missed our friends who couldn't make it to the Clambake this year!
It wasn't the same without you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Children probably should not be climbing on this pumpkin display, but our kids could not resist!

Loving fall
Trader joes
Days off from work
And Time with friends!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When your mom is a teacher...

You do fine motor activities like this at home!! She is my Guinea pig for my kindergarteners! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some Randomness!

Gosh the days go by so quickly....

I think this "busy" season should be retitled as being a Parent of Littles.  No end in sight, and that's a good thing because I sure love it!!  And I know it goes by all too quickly!!

So, Lately Around here...

Braden is practicing his 2 wheeler skills.  The newness has definitely not worn off yet! I get so excited every time he can do it!  Maybe one day I'll stop cheering, but right now it's just too fun!
We celebrated Caden's 7th birthday! He had a fabulous party and everyday we're so thankful for our new friends.  I am beginning to forget what life was like before them, they just belong and we love seeing them just about every day!  :-)
First campfire of the fall. 
Of course, accompanied by delicious s'mores!!
Addie had her 2 year checkup!  Stats:  height: 33 1/4 inches (44%) and weight 25.2 pounds (31%)
But, really, this smile is soooo much more important than any numbers!
Her BIG 2 year old self can sing her whole ABC's (correctly) and countless other songs.  (She's always singing and dancing).  She can count to 10 and knows about 1/2 of her colors now.  She's a bundle of FUN and it's absolutely impossible to have a bad day when you have this smiley girl next to you! 
The kids have been playing awesome together! I don't want this season to ever end.  Their imagination just blows me away. 
Fishing, of course! :-)
We had our first sick day last week.  Braden spent a full day sleeping away a virus and then was back to himself the next day.  Thankful it was so short.  Although he was home, he was still adamant about doing his "daily routine" at school which includes making his name out of play-dough.  Although I never like to miss a day with my students, being home with him was a treat.  Sometimes it's more important to be Mom!

We sure have our hands full with the most beautiful handful and I feel so blessed to call them ours!!